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Widdess Fitzgibbon Pharmacy Ltd. offers

a wide range of skincare products and helpful advice for customers with all skin types


Widdess Fitzgibbon Pharmacy Ltd. provides our local community with the very best skincare advice and skincare products. Our highly qualified team has over 4 decades of experience in advising our customers on how best to care for their skin. From dietary and lifestyle recommendations to matching the right product range to the person's unique skin type, we create a bespoke skincare routine based on the needs of the client.

We stock a carefully curated range of high quality cosmetics and skincare products, with an extensive selection of brands available. Our selection includes products that match our high standards, and that fulfil the skincare needs of our local community. From skin hydration advice to anti-wrinkle creams and scrubs, we match the right product to the person's skin care needs.

Vegan & Organic Skincare

Widdess Fitzgibbon Pharmacy Ltd. is proud to stock a wide range of vegan and organic skincare products, offering high-quality, natural skincare products that are kind to your skin. Our range of vegan and organic skincare brands offer products that are derived from natural plant oils and aromatic essential oils to promote the healing and preservation of beautiful skin, combining plant ingredients with holistic expertise for luminous, healthy, glowing skin. Our vegan and organic skincare is available in the form of creams, cleansers, moisturisers, serums, and more, stocking brands MooGoo, Nia, Holos, Nuxe, and Kinvara Natural Skincare.


Our pharmacy is always fully stocked with Moogoo’s popular skincare product range. As a supplier of Limerick Moogoo products, we can advise on the best products to suit your individual needs. Moogoo products only use natural ingredients to create moisturisers and cleansers that are gentle on even the most sensitive of skin.
Their ever evolving product range is designed to address common skin conditions including eczema, Psoriasis, dry or oily skin, sun damaged skin, itchy scalp, etc.

The Moogoo Products We Stock Include:


Interested in a bespoke skincare regime created for your skin? Call into Widdess Fitzgibbon Pharmacy Ltd. today for the very best skincare products and skincare advice.

Our Skincare Range

Widdess Fitzgibbon Pharmacy Ltd. has developed a superb reputation in our local community for the quality of our Limerick skincare advice. This advice is complemented by our carefully curated skincare product range which has been personally chosen by our team.
The products we provide are notable for their high-quality, natural ingredients and effectiveness. We also offer advice on skin inflammation conditions including psoriasis and eczema. 
The world-class skincare brands we stock include:

just balm

Supplier of Local & Irish Brands

Widdess Fitzgibbon Pharmacy Ltd. stocks a wide range of Irish skincare brands to promote the Irish economy and support local businesses. As an independent pharmacy, we understand the importance of supporting local business, which is why we seek out high-quality skincare and beauty brands made in Ireland by independent companies. Browse from our range of Irish skincare brands including Nia Natural Beauty, Kinvara Skincare, and Holos for top-quality products that are kind to your skin.

Our dermatologically tested range of Limerick skincare products & brands contain a collection of products perfect for maintaining and celebrating healthy, hydrated and young looking skin.

Skincare FAQ

What products should I use in my skincare routine?

This all depends on the type of skin you have and your skin concerns. Get in touch with the team at Widdess Fitzgibbon Pharmacy today for expert advice on the best skincare to use for your individual requirements.

Where can I find skincare products near me?

Widdess Fitzgibbon is a Limerick skincare products supplier offering a range of high-quality skincare brands including Eucerin, MooGoo, Nia, Nuxe Paris, and more.

How much does high-quality skincare cost?

High-quality skincare does not have to be expensive. Widdess Fitzgibbon has a wide variety of skincare products to suit all budgets available for customers to purchase.

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