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Medical Care

Widdess Fitzgibbon Pharmacy Ltd. provides our local community with professional and experienced medical advice and recommendations on appropriate medical products. For over a century we have been the go-to location in our local community for effective medical advice and medicines.
We stock a wide range of products designed to relieve the symptoms of a range of ailments. From first-aid products to cold and flu remedies, we provide our valuable clients with the right product for the specifics of their illness or injury.


In need of medical advice in Limerick? Call into our pharmacy today to speak to our pharmacist.

Specific medical Advice

Here at Widdess Fitzgibbon Pharmacy, we're passionate about helping our clients to live healthy lives. We offer a wide range of Limerick medical advice and help for all ages and health issues. Among our extensive selection of medical advisory services, we provide clients with the following:

Travel Vaccinations

Flu Vaccinations

Pneumonia Vaccinations

Weight Management

Advice on Smoking Cessation

Blood Pressure Management

General Health Advice

Blister pack weekly dispensing

Confidential advice

Private consultation area

Sports injury advice

Emergency contraceptive

First aid advice

Incrediwear Products

Sports Injury Advice

Advice on Weight Management for ex-Smokers

Professional advice Asthma and correct inhaler usage

We also stock a range of medical products designed to help people quit smoking.

Incrediwear Products


Widdess Fitzgibbon Pharmacy Ltd. stocks a wide range of incrediwear support products and recovery wear suitable for customers who are experiencing joint pain or recovering from injury. Incrediwear is a revolutionary line of support products designed to quickly heal the area of concern and reduce pain and stiffness professionally. From ankle and knee supports to wrist supports and back braces, we stock a large selection of incrediwear suitable for all musculoskeletal ailments and injuries. If you’re unsure of the best incrediwear products to help your specific injury, a member of our team would be happy to help you out with some professional help and advice.

Medical Care FAQ

Do you offer vaccinations?

Yes, Widdess Fitzgibbon Pharmacy offers some vaccination services including travel vaccinations, flu vaccinations, pneumonia vaccinations, and more. Get in touch to find out more.

Do I need to order my prescription in advance?

We recommend ordering your prescription in advance but can also fulfil it on the day if we have it in stock. Most popular medications can be fulfilled within a few minutes while other medication sometimes has to be ordered in.

What medical advice can you help with?

We offer a range of Limerick medical advice including help for quitting smoking, weight management advice, general healthcare advice, and more.

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